Mock Parliament at Milagres English Medium High School, Kallianpur.

Milagres English Medium High School in Kallianpur saw the vibrant spirit of democracy come alive as the first session of their School Parliament unfolded today i.e. Friday, 13th October, 2023. The event aimed to engage students to instill and ignite the value of democracy during their formative years.

The School Parliament also encourages students to actively participate in the administration and operation of school activities. In this engaging session, cabinet ministers and opposition members passionately exchanged their views and ideas, replicating the dynamics of a real parliamentary debate.

This initiative not only enhances students’ understanding of democratic processes but also nurtures their public speaking and leadership skills. Milagres English Medium High School’s Mock Parliament is set to be a cornerstone in fostering responsible, informed citizens of the future.

The event marked a significant step towards nurturing the next generation of leaders and civic-minded individuals. The school remains committed to providing its students with holistic education, preparing them for a bright and responsible future.

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