History of Milagres English Medium School : Kallianpur

     The  long  cherished  dream  of  the  residents  of Kallianpur  and the initiative  of  the  Late  Rev.Fr G. L. Da Cruz  was  replied  in  1979  with  the  birth  of  Milagres  English  Medium  School  with  a  Kindergarten.

     Ms.Thecla  Pereira an  able  and  brave  teacher  took  charge  of  12  tiny  tots.  Under her admirable leadership, the strength increased to 40 by 1980.  Through  the  school  started  from  a small shed,  the courage  and  perseverance  of  Ms.  Pereira  and her assistant   Ms. Veera  Furtado  along  with  the  benevolent  gaze  of  Our  Lady  of  Miracles  sustained  the  school.

The institution in 1981 took the first rung up of the ladder by the starting of standard under the guidance of Sr. Hildegard SRA as the head.  Another step up the ladder was taken by the institution with the inauguration of the school building in 1982 by the Late Bishop Basil D’souza.

The Apostolic Carmel management took over the institution in 1986 ushering in new atmosphere with Sr. M. Priya A.C. as the head.  A milestone was crossed in 1988 with the beginning of the high school with the encouragement of the Correspondent Rev. Fr. William Gonsalves.  The dedicated service of the faculty over the years has borne fruit as today every class comprises of 2 divisions.



The Heads of the Primary School 

Retired Staff