Achievers Section.


Alrea Archer  
National Level Abacus

National Level Abacus

Daniel Rodrigues 
Guitar Grade 1 Exam from London School of Music

State Level Abacus & National Level Speed Arithmetic

Vedic Maths State Level 1st place

National Level speed Arithmetic

Aaniya Menezes
attempted NTSE

Aaniya Std 10
Bharathanatyam Senior Exam

Aishwarya U G 
attempted NTSE

Ava Sequiera 
Inter school Elocution – 2nd place Lower Primary School category

Ayesha Shazin
Inter school Debate – ‘Best Debator’ – High School category 

Coral Lobo
attempted NTSE

Mariam Zuni 
Inter school Elocution 1st place – primary School category

Neeraj Kumar

Neha K.J.
Inter school Elocution 1st place – Primary School category  &  Inter school Debate – ‘Best Debator’ – Primary School category

Ninada Rao
Interschool Debate ‘Best Debator Against’- Runner up Primary School category

Rashmika Std 5 
Completed Bharatanatyam Junior Exam

Ruthu Std 7 
Completed Bharatanatyam Junior Exam

Tanisha Kotian
Inter school Debate- Best Debator ‘Against’ – High School category

Rashmika (Std 5) & Drashya Gavaskar (Std 9) have qualified for Art Plus Season 1, National Level dance competition