E-waste campaign by Eco club

The ‘Green Teens’ Eco Club of Milagres School has been actively involving itself in innovative ventures for three years. In the current year it organized “Neerathon – Walk for Water’ rally in October near Santhekatte junction to create awareness on scarcity and value of water.

There are about 35 active boys and girls in this club. Last year they visited waste Management unit run by NGO SAHAAS. Ever since their visit, the club has been striving to create waste segregation awareness among other students. This year’s focus is on e-waste recycling. They had taken up the task of going from house to house visits collecting e-waste materials that cannot be discarded easily. It all began in July with the printing and distribution of handbills to various homes in their neighbourhood and also to houses around the school. Most people supported this venture.

     E-waste collection included materials like chargers, mobiles, old VCR, batteries, computers, laptops, clocks, digital watches, etc. They also collected 700 old sarees which can be used for packing plastic wastes. Mrs. Mariet Sequiera, co-ordinator of the High school club and Mrs. Akshatha co-ordinator of Primary club have encouraged the students for this venture.